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Jun. 1, 2020

What do the top hospitals on the Lown Index have in common?

A brief analysis of the Top 100 hospitals on the Lown Index.


Jul. 3, 2020

Patient mortality at safety net hospitals

Why do safety net hospitals tend to score lower on the Lown Index for patient mortality? This pattern is not due to just one reason; it is the product of many factors.
Jun. 26, 2020

The paradox of critical access hospitals

How is it that critical access hospitals score so highly on some metrics on the Lown Index and poorly on others? Here are some potential explanations behind these patterns.


Jun. 23, 2020

White paper: Hospital pay equity

There is a growing gap between the pay of hospital executives and other health care workers. This white paper explores the issue of pay equity, explains how LIHI measures pay equity, and analyzes patterns in hospital executive compensation.
Jun. 23, 2020

White paper: Hospital community benefit investment

Hospitals are expected to invest in charity care and other community health investments, but how much they spend varies widely. Our white paper explores this issue and shows important patterns in hospital community benefit spending.