2021 Winning Hospitals

Community Benefit

Hospitals say they want to be community partners…these hospitals are actually doing it.


Every 80 seconds, a hospital in the U.S. delivers a low-value test or procedure to an older adult, putting hundreds of thousands at risk of harm.

Racial Inclusivity, 2021

Which hospitals are the most racially inclusive in America and what can we learn from their leadership?

Community Benefit, 2021

Hospitals say they want to be community partners…these hospitals are actually doing it.

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What's the best hospital in your city? Which hospitals invest the most in community health? View our curated lists to see hospital rankings by topic and metro area.

Answering questions that matter

Are hospitals providing high value care, achieving excellent patient outcomes, and meeting their obligation to advance health equity in their communities?

Pritpal Tamber
Creating Health Collaborative

These rankings provide a much-needed and long-overdue frame through which to truly judge the value of our hospitals. "

Understanding the Rankings

Our rankings assess not only how hospitals serve their patients, but how well they serve the wider community. Our best-in-class risk adjustment tool produces superior results in measuring outcomes, while rankings for value of care and civic leadership break new ground. Overall, there are four levels of analysis encompassing 42 different metrics.

Patient Outcomes

Which hospitals provide the safest and most effective care for their patients? This measure includes clinical outcomes, patient safety, and patient satisfaction.

Value of Care

Which hospitals are best at avoiding unnecessary and potentially harmful care? This measure examines how well hospitals avoid overuse of 13 low-value procedures and tests.

Civic Leadership

Which hospitals are the most committed to the health and well-being of their communities? Hospitals are compared on pay equity, community benefit, and inclusivity.

Insights & Reports
Nov. 4, 2019

How cascade events harm patients

Many tests that clinicians order “just to be safe” turn out to be anything but safe because of the treatment cascade they can trigger...