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Lallie Kemp Medical Center

Independence, LA

Social Responsibility

Reflects performance across health equity, value, and outcomes.

  • National 1499 of 3637
  • State 14 of 76
  • Covid burden 0 weeks
  • Max Covid Beds 7 %

Hospital Type

  • Icons / Interface-Essential / Size / 30px 6-49 beds
  • Icons / Interface-Essential / Critical Access Hospital / 30px Critical Access
  • Icons / Interface-Essential / Safety Net / 30px Safety Net
  • Icons / Interface-Essential / Tax Status / 30px Non-Profit
  • Icons / Interface-Essential / Setting / 30px Urban


Reflects commitment to equity, inclusion, and community health

  • National 60 of 3926
  • State 6 of 85

Pay Equity

Measures the difference in compensation of hospital executives compared to healthcare workers without advanced degrees

  • National 1103 of 3923
  • State 20 of 85
Ratio of executive compensation to worker wages

Community Benefit

Measures the extent of hospital investment in community health

  • National 16 of 3779
  • State 1 of 68
Financial assistance
Community investment
Data Unavailable
Medicaid revenue share


Measures the extent to which patients being served are demographically similar to those in the surrounding community

  • National NA of 3533
  • State NA of 59
Income inclusivity
Data Unavailable
Racial inclusivity
Data Unavailable
Education inclusivity
Data Unavailable


Reflects the avoidance of use of low-value services and cost efficiency

  • National 3033 of 3637
  • State 52 of 76

Avoiding Overuse

Measures the avoidance of inappropriate tests and procedures that offer little or no clinical benefit

  • National NA of 2613
  • State NA of 49
Knee arthroscopy
Data Unavailable
Carotid endarterectomy
Data Unavailable
Carotid artery imaging for fainting
Data Unavailable
EEG for headache
Data Unavailable
EEG for fainting
Data Unavailable
Colonoscopy screening
Data Unavailable
Inferior vena cava filters
Data Unavailable
Spinal fusion and/or laminectomies
Data Unavailable
Coronary artery stenting
Data Unavailable
Renal artery stenting
Data Unavailable
Head imaging for fainting
Data Unavailable
Data Unavailable

Cost Efficiency

Measures risk-adjusted clinical outcomes over cost per patient adjusted for local cost of living and labor costs

  • National 2997 of 3637
  • State 51 of 76
Cost efficiency at 30 days
Cost efficiency at 90 days


Reflects performance as it relates to patients' health and experience of care

  • National 1407 of 3685
  • State 12 of 76

Clinical Outcomes

Measures patient mortality and readmission rates over various periods of time

  • National 2763 of 3685
  • State 44 of 76
In-hospital mortality
30-day mortality
90-day mortality
7-day readmission
30-day readmission

Patient Safety

Measures the avoidance of preventable patient safety errors

  • National NA of 2255
  • State NA of 44
Central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI)
Data Unavailable
Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI)
Data Unavailable
Surgical site infection: Major colon surgery
Data Unavailable
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
Data Unavailable
Clostridioides difficile (C. diff)
Data Unavailable
PSI 90: CMS patient safety and adverse events composite
Data Unavailable

Patient Satisfaction

Measures aspects of the hospital experience as reported by patients

  • National 128 of 3379
  • State 4 of 64
Communication with nurses
Communication with doctors
Responsiveness of hospital staff
Communication about medicines
Discharge information
Care transition
Cleanliness of hospital environment
Quietness of hospital environment
Overall rating of hospital
Recommendation of hospital