2022 Winning Hospitals


COVID didn’t stop these hospitals from delivering exceptional care

VIDEO: Our June 28, 2022 launch event featured Kate Walsh, president and CEO of Boston Medical Center; Judson Howe, president of Adventist Health in Mendocino County; Vikas Saini, MD, president of the Lown Institute; Shannon Brownlee, MSc, special advisor to the president of the Lown Institute.

The Lown Institute Hospitals Index is the first to measure Social Responsibility for more than 3,600 hospitals nationwide. The Index evaluates hospitals on 53 metrics across categories of health equity, value, and outcomes(press release | methodology

Included for the first time this year, the Lown Institute created a tool for tracking a hospital’s COVID burden. While not factored into the social responsibility ranking, this measure can be used to provide context on how hospitals were impacted by COVID during the first year of the pandemic. 

Key Takeaways

  • STRAIGHT “A”s: Out of more than 3,600 hospitals, only 66 achieved “A”s on equity, value, and outcomes.
  • Fifteen of the straight “A” hospitals earned those grades while also enduring extraordinary challenges during the first year of the pandemic, exceeding our COVID burden threshold for at least 26 weeks.
  • Hospitals in some major cities spent more than three quarters of the year with high COVID burdens: West Kendall Baptist, 45 weeks; Baylor University Medical Center, 42 weeks; MLK Jr Community Hospital, 42 weeks; Wellstar Atlanta Hospital, 41 weeks.
  • Most “elite” hospitals performed well on outcomes, but continue to fall short on equity. Out of the 20 hospitals ranked highly by US News, only three received grades higher than a “C” on the equity category of metrics.

Media inquiries should be directed to Aaron Toleos, vice president of communications for the Lown Institute, at atoleos@lowninstitute.org.